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    In 1987 the two brothers Frank and Leon van Dijk started restoring a Mercedes 190SL for themselves. The work itself and the result gave them a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

    They were not the only ones who were stunned by what they had accomplished. At the request of numerous admirers they decided to continue restoring other SL’s. The restoration of vintage cars also required arranging the necessary parts.

    What started as a hobby developed into a professional business specialized in restoring Mercedes Benz cars and supplying parts for sedans, coupe’s, convertibles and sports cars built from 1955 until 1970. Now, 26 years later they have done over 30 total restorations and an even larger number of partial restorations . Besides restorations they have served and maintained over 150 190SL’s, 225 pagodas and a great many sedans, coupe’s, convertibles, 300SL’s and 600-models.

    If it is Mercedes, they love it! Oops, now you know the secret of their success; love!

    This is what they can offer you:

    • Restorations, full or partial
    • Maintenance
    • Parts, new, used or reproduced. They ship worldwide
    • Body repair, paint shop
    • Interiors
    • Chrome plating
    • Technical exchange parts, overhauled in their shop with warranty
    • Appraisals (aankoopkeuringen)
    • Engine overhaul
    • Gear-box repairs, overhauling, manual and automatic
    • Front and rear axle repairs and overhaul
    • Steering-box overhaul
    • Break-booster overhaul
    • Hardtop restorations
    • And on and on…………..You name it, they can do it.