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    A view in our bodyshop

    Below you will find twelve pictures that were taken in our body restauration shop.

    A very rusty 1956 Mercedes 190 SL is brought in for a full restauration.

    “The wear of time”. While cutting the rear and tailwing, the boot floor crumbled.

    The body framework is sandblasted and sprayed.

    With the body fixed on a 190 SL mould, new crossbars and sidebars are welded.

    New floorpans are welded in.

    New seatbrackets are welded in.

    The front inner wings are repaired. The battery box is replaced.

    The rear inner wings are replaced. The body is ready for its new outer sheetmetal.

    The left front wing is welded on. No putty is used.

    Hardly any lead is used to straighten the body.

    The hard part: the rear wings, rear panel and taillight housings. The body is almost ready to leave the mould.

    Preparations are made for its final spraying.